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Used Equipment Directory

Used Equipment
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0B6950 BRAKES, APRON (Gauges)
20 Ga. x 8'6", VAN-MARK, MODEL#TRIMMASTER IV, max 20 GA/recommended 24 GA. Ref: 5674

20 Ga. x 8'6 , VAN-MARK, MODEL#TRIMMASTER IV, max 20 GA/recommended 24 GA.

Model: Trimmaster IV (8' Model #IT-863)
Length: 8' 6"
Capacity: 20 ga. Mild Max / 24 ga. Recommended
# Casting: 7
Weight: 119 lbs.

* Heavy-duty extruded aluminum shop stand included with
every Mark IV. The * Xtreme Shop Stand will not rock,
rattle, roll or rust. Unit is fully detachable and
collapsible for easy fast setup and transport.
* Hollow-core fixed hinge, bending hinge and base rail
design makes this one tough brake. New FTA system (Fine-
Tune Adjustment), means you still have control over
adjusting your machine, though you may never need to.
* Mark IV Industrial TrimMaster has the strongest bending
capacities you can get in a portable brake.
* Unique Cam-Locking system locks to the thickness of the
* Full loop locking and bending handles are ergonomic and
provide for single operator use.
* Heavy-duty hinge provides years of dependable service
without material curling at the ends or sags in the center.
* Mark IV Industrial now works with TrimCutter for quick
clean material cutting right on the brake. TrimCutterT does
not ride off the brake during the cut.

* POWERSLOT technology gives you more bending power with
less energy resulting in a truly unique bending experience.
Added walls and hollows make TrimMaster brakes the toughest
machines out there while providing the same long service
life you've come to expect from a Van Mark Product.

Attach and detach quickly for easy transport and setups.
Faspins insert easily and stay in place during all phases of

are a great way to keep your machine working in tip top
condition. With the longest service life of any portable
brake in the business, it's nice to know support and
preventive maintenance parts are always available when and
if you need them.

New POWERslot technology not only provides increased bending
leverage, clad finishes are also protected from marring and
scratching during bend.

* Trimcutter
* Wheel Kits
* Trimformer

Scott Machinery Inc
4700 Lang Ave, Suite D McClellan CA 95652-6215
Tel: 916-638-7718 Fax: 916-638-2450
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